Christmas Markets at the Capitale de Noël, Strasbourg

The thrilling festive spirit is unlike any other in the Capitale de Noël. Just roughly two hours away from Paris, Strasbourg’s Christmas markets still remain to be a top destination for tourists and locals alike. This tradition dates all the way back to the 16th century and the city is rich in history and culture. Strasbourg sits at the northeastern part of France and situated close to the German border. Evidently, many of their architecture is still inspired by the mix of two cultures.

The Christmas markets were as majestic and magical as you could have imagined. The cafes were all decked in flamboyant Christmas decors and the streets were illuminated in all sorts of color. People strolled with their “Vin Au Chaud” or hot wine on one hand and a pretzel or crepe on the other. Christmas carols turned into jazz tunes could be heard from their very own Notre Dame where many joined in to sing along with the string quartet. Families made sure to pick out fresh pine trees to bring home and a set of hand-made decors from the shops.

Have A Happy Holidays Folks!


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