Montmartre, Décor de Cinéma

Pierre Philippe’s exposition “Montmartre, Décore de Cinéma” celebrates the artistic district of Montmartre and the inspiration it has given to the cinematic universe.

For any film enthusiast, this exposition evokes nostalgia for the French Classics and a few foreign films that have become a staple in our collections. Namely, Minelli’s An Americain in Paris (1951), Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I love you (1996) and Midnight in Paris (2011), Dridi’s Pigalle (1994) and more.

The Basilique du Sacré-Coeur situated on top of the hill (with a hike of 300 steps to be exact), overlooking the rest of Paris is an emblematic figure to Montmartre in itself.  But Sections of the exposition have also been dedicated to the wildly adventurous turf  Moulin Rouge and Pigalle which served as a backdrop for films such as French Cancan in 1955 and even the American musical-comedy of the same name Moulin Rouge (2001).

What made this exposition interesting was not merely the film subjects it displayed, but rather each section portrayed the neighborhood’s quirky, naughty, yet playful and colorful personality that played an integral role in the setting and often times characters of the film. The finale of the exposition paid tribute to a personal favorite Amelie (2001) by Jean-Pierre Jeaunet. They re-created the red room using original decor from the film. Memorabilia were scattered all over the quaint space, from Polaroids of Audrey Tautou, the screenplay, posters, to name a few.

It was if I was in the movie Inception (which by the way also had scenes filmed in Paris, most notably at the Pont Bir-Hakeim Bridge. Definitely worth checking out!).  Setting within a setting within a setting.


12 Rue Cortot
75018 Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 25 89 39


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