Fashion Design Trade and Exhibit Inc. “Thinking Glocal”

IMG_1656The Philippines undoubtedly has a deep and diverse talent pool deserving to be recognized in the fashion international scene. The global landscape is seeing a massive focal shift embracing emerging markets outside the overly-dense fashion capitals in the west. Therefore, there’s an urge for the local scene to bring forth niche brands or esteemed name labels across the globe.

Fashion Design Trade and Exhibit Inc. aim to represent our very own prized designers and give them the global platform they well deservedly need. The country is transitioning to become more brand driven vital in this digital marketing age. With this comes new untapped territories and a lot of room for growth

In this year’s Autumn/Winter 18 showroom, FDTEI proudly introduces three collections from fashion giants Rajo Laurel, Dennis Lustico and Cherry Veric. This would be their fourth collaboration with Pirnia Collections, the reputable tradeshow and showroom exposition curated by David Pirnia himself.

This season was surprisingly slower than the last two years in terms of foot traffic and sales. Fewer buyers flew in to see the latest collections due to the tumultuous economic times that have declined their very own clientele’s expenditure. They were meticulous with the quality of each item and precise with their price point to ensure maximum profit.

And yet another season comes to a close. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, my most vital takeaway was to continuously invest and take pride in our local designers. One offseason does not mean failure, but rather a learning opportunity for the players including the designers, partners, and agents to learn the industry at large and move forward. And though there’s a massive financial risk involved, the biggest risk is not taking one at all.

At the end of the day, I am still greatly proud of the FDTEI’s partners who have persevered season after season to give the Philippine fashion industry a platform to be recognized and praised in no other than the fashion capital of the world: Paris.


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