Basque-ing in all its Glory: San Sebastian

San Sebastian or Donostia sits on the Bay of Biscay, part of the Basque Region of Spain. Well famous for its golden sand beaches that stretch from end to end and dubbed as Spain’s culinary capital having the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world. I wish I had my family with me to experience this exceptional culinary cuisine, but it just gives me another reason to bring them here in the near future.

Friends and peers who have lived and visited the city all gave me their personal recommendations plus a few more from the experts. The result, a long list of all the must-try in town and the subject of most of my photos.


Though most would visit San Sebastian for a day trip (only a 12 euro roundtrip bus ticket from Bilbao), I suggest staying for at least two more days if you truly want to enlighten your palette.

Mornings would be spent in one of the three beaches, soaking up the sun that was gone for 5 months (at least on this side of the world) with a bowl of Açai, Cafe Con Leche to wake me up and catching up on a month’s worth of “The Newyorker” issues that have been laying around my apartment these past weeks.


Lunch is where the adventure begins. I do make a habit to pre-plan where I hunt for the best pintxos in town the night before and make the hop as strategic as possible. If a bike ride is necessary, so be it. It is also the best way to see the city from inside out. The bike trails are convenient, easy to navigate and safe. Also, an interesting way to meet people along the way, plus its only 7 euros for a half day.


The sun doesn’t set till 9 pm. The days are long enough to see much of the city’s main attraction. But just before dinner, I make it a point to change out of my swimwear and dress comfortably for a long night of conversation with strangers that have come from across the globe to devour Pintxo after Pintxo (local Tapas) and enjoy the local sparkling white wine Txacoli.


The tropical girl in me felt rejuvenated after three days worth of being a beach bum.

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