Dans Les Champs de Chanel: Paris

Down South of France in a small town of Grasse lies the origins of Chanel no.5. But for a weekend, Paris was treated with the same flowers that make up the classic scent. Rows of Jasmine, May rose, Iris Pallida, Tuberose, and Bourbon Geranium delighted our senses, for us to feel, smell and touch. The moment you step foot into the gates of the gardens you get a quick lesson on the variety of flora used and the unique distillation process. This was a treat for the market since the original gardens are not open to the public.




Chanel no.5 continues to be a staple in every French woman’s essentials but with growing competition, the brand faces challenges in keeping their iconic scent relevant to today’s market. Two years prior, Chanel released “Chanel no. 5 L’Eau” with Lily-Rose Depp as the face of the fragrance. This is said to be a more modern take on the classic perfume.  She is a second generation Chanel muse taking after her mother Vanessa Paradis. The then 17-year old was a good way to tap into the younger generation that has yet to understand the legacy of Chanel no.5.





Though personally I am not a perfume connoisseur and have a limited lexicon for describing and distinguishing the aroma of every flower, I was curious to learn the dexterity of this artistry.  Plus Chanel is still one of my favorite luxury brands to date, so this was something I could not miss.





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